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Best pc horror games free

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– Best pc horror games free

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These games really give new meaning to the phrase “cheap scares”. Being involved in video games these days, there is one universal horror — the price of a new release. If you can get past practically emptying your wallet, you then have to worry about the gamble of whether or not the game will be any good.

Free horror games. I say leave the horror to the developers and give your wallet a break. Not every horror game has to throw a ton of jump scares and frightening monsters at you. Port of Call starts with the amnesia trope, but things get a whole lot more unusual there as the unknown protagonist finds themselves surrounded by unusual people and an old man with an anger problem.

The deeper you get into this narrative-driven adventure, the more you uncover your secrets and few things about the passengers joining you on the mysterious ferry. This is the type of free horror game you think about sometime down the road and recall just how uncomfortable it made you. Download Port of Call on Steam. Slap H. Case-in-point: Dagon, a visual novel and atmospheric adventure that sends you deep into the unusual mind of Lovecraft. Dagon, a horrifying sea-beast of Lovecraftian lore, is in the spotlight of this relatively quick narrative experience.

To further immerse yourself in Dagon: by H. Lovecraft, Bit Golem adapted the visual journey to VR, allowing you to meet the humanoid fish-creature face-to-face. Download Dagon on Steam. Unfortunate Spacemen tests the limits of teamwork and friendship as players are unaware of who the hidden monster is. Equipped with clever abilities like Burrow and Decoy, the monster can go an entire game without being spotted — especially if they use their wiles to turn their human counterparts against one another.

For those who want games like Among Us with a bit more of an edge. Download Unfortunate Spacemen on Steam. There are few things worse than being lost in the woods, your direction impossible to gauge. Disturbing imagery is made even more frightening seen through the slightly blurry visuals, which only serve to enhance this spooky trek through the woods. Download The House in the Woods on Itch.

Do you suffer from a fear of elevators? Well, Wrong Floor is definitely not going to help as it plunges players into the basement. The dark space is inhabited by an unwelcoming host who wants nothing more than to make you a permanent fixture in his dwelling. Wrong Floor is quick and to the point, wasting no time in showing players the absolute horrors that await down the winding corridors. If you enjoy backtracking with only your flashlight to guide you, then Wrong Floor should definitely find its way onto your playlist.

Download Wrong Floor on Itch. The morose game focuses heavily on the concept of suicide as you follow a man during his last night alive. Paradox is a unique crossover of a movie and a video game that sucks you in with unusual imagery, a zany story, and puzzles that will drive you mad. Players follow the perilous journey of detective Dale Vandermeer, who wakes up in an unknown room, trapped at the hands of a memorable foe.

Can you solve the series of puzzles needed to save Vandermeer from a grisly fate? Paradox is a strangely attractive game with imagery brought to life via handmade paintings by renowned artist, Johan Scherft.

Download Cube Escape: Paradox on Steam. Trapped in a mysterious castle, the world outside frozen over, you have only a walkie-talkie and a voice to guide you. Overcome your obstacles, and you may just escape your atmospheric prison.

Download We Were Here on Steam. In At Home Alone Final, you play a young girl left home alone. What antics will she get herself into when her mother is at work? As the day progresses, things get incredibly weird, especially as unusual people start appearing at your doorstep.

Download At Home Alone on Steam. Just as the name implies, Imscared is set in a pixelated world, where unspeakable horrors await around every corner. How about a BSoD that makes you think your computer has crashed? Download Imscared on Gamejolt. Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle captures the gory whimsy of the popular film series. Voorhees can be proud of. Download Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle on Steam.

Well, for the horror community, at least. Build your own world of nightmares by assigning a difficulty and choosing which animatronics you want to go up against. Download Ultimate Custom Night on Steam. Whether you tackle it alone or with friends, Cry of Fear is going to pull and violently tug on your nerves.

In the dark of a cold Scandinavian night, Team Psykskaller sends you on a quest for survival. Monsters approach from the shadows as you maneuver through the deserted town, looking for answers behind the unstoppable nightmare. Play through the campaign to unlock different endings and score helpful unlockables that will send you back to Scandinavia for another evening of terror.

Originally built as a Half-Life mod, Cry of Fear has evolved into its own full-length horror experience. Download Cry of Fear on Steam. Not every horror game has to leave you shivering in the corner. Temporarily, at least. Wield a host of weapons, including a chainsaw, and fight through hordes of the undead. Unlike most zombie games , in No More Room in Hell, being bitten is a death sentence. No More Room in Hell is completely free to play, making it a must-play for any fan of zombies, teamwork, and free things.

Very few games need to be visually stunning to be effective. The Last Door proves this with a mesmerizing journey filled with gruesome terrors, all depicted in a rather bleak pixelated world. Death surrounds you as you set forth on a quest to stop an ancient evil from emerging. Solve puzzles, interact with a host of unusual people, and avoid becoming a victim of the darkness spreading across Victorian England in this episodic horror mystery.

Play The Last Door on Kongregate. Turn up the volume, plug in your headphones, and get ready for a horror experience sure to stick with. Lurking is a sound-based game that engulfs you in darkness and sends you exploring using audio pulses. Every pulse you generate illuminates the world in white outlines, giving you just a glimpse of your path.

Complicating matters are villains of darkness that respond to every noise you make. Surviving requires patience and care to only make the noises necessary to progress. Lurking also converts sounds picked up by your microphone, so be sure to play in a quiet room to avoid alerting the things that stalk you in the dark. Download Lurking on Gamejolt. Not all is as it seems in the Doki Doki Literature Club. Doki Doki Literature Club!

The horrors of Doki Doki range from subtle to eerie as the club and your relationships fall apart around you. If you want to support the devs, check out their console port on platforms like the PS5. Download Doki Doki on Steam. Hot on your tail is the towering and mysterious Slenderman.

Slender: The Eight Pages starts with a slow burn, but the more you collect, the more active Slenderman becomes. Download Slender on IndieDB. Can you escape the facility without falling victim to the terrifying fiends once contained within? If you can escape them, you may just make it topside alive. Download SCP from official site. Some of the coverage you find on Cultured Vultures contains affiliate links, which provide us with small commissions based on purchases made from visiting our site.

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Best pc horror games free

Propagation VR does exactly that, and, as fans of the title will no doubt attest, it’s an incredibly effective method for ending fear and involuntary bowel movements.


The Best Free-To-Play Horror Games On Steam.


While AAA horror games can scare you with beautiful graphics, hours of gameplay that develops tension, and a team of writers writing a single story to perfection, the games that are sold for free have a GREATLY smaller budget and so they must adapt to provide the players with the creeps. Shrine is a retro first-person shooter made with the Doom engine. It looks and plays a lot like doom, but the graphic design is very different because everything is eldritch-themed.

The enemy and gun designs are very horrendous and drive home the hellish atmosphere. Take on the role of Tusk, a skinless monstrosity, and shoot your way through the hellish landscape. You play as a police officer who has been dispatched to a very strange house. You are tasked with making His last dosage. He needs his medicine. This is a very short game, about 20 mins if you want to see each of the 6 endings. The game looks like an Atari game with nicer colors.

The ancient graphics and the dark ambiance make the atmosphere ominous even though the game is very short. Minds Eyes is an experimental title with the purpose to survey and find out how to scare players and create a good horror environment. The developer has since then made new games Girls Fabric Face and Suit with the understanding he gained from this one. Minds Eyes relies heavily on creating a feeling of dread and anticipation.

There are many jumpscares in the game, and as soon as you get jumped for the first time, the game becomes way scarier as you dread the next time it may happen. The game revolves around one big scary guy, who looks janky and could have been more polished, but he gets the job done.

The game takes place in a house which works as a nice horror setting. The game has many flaws but I still found it an enjoyable experience. The supper is a short point-and-click adventure game about some horrific events.

Appleton was a kind person her whole life until the voice started talking to her. But as the game keeps progressing, the story is slowly unveiling itself and at the end, everything is made clear.

The point and click gameplay was rather fun, it requires a little bit of exploring. The pixel art is beautiful, and the story was impactful. To avoid death and jumpscares you must carefully pay attention to the movements of the animatronics and do a multitude of tasks to drive them away. The FNAF franchise is known for its large and complicated story. September is a game that lasts for exactly 5 minutes and 30 seconds, and has the artistic style of VHS found footage.

You start playing Perfect Vermin in an office and your only goal is to use your sledgehammer to find and kill the vermin which mask themselves as normal office appliances. While the gameplay of just walking around and smashing stuff is fun in and of itself, the game slowly starts showing you its story.

For some reason rushing to find all the vermin in a level before the time limit expires coupled with the music in the background makes this a very stressful experience. This is a very unique game and both the story and gameplay were very enjoyable. SCP: Secret Laboratory is a first-person multiplayer survival horror game.

During a containment breach in the SCP foundation, many anomalies have escaped their containment. This game has 6 different roles you can have randomly assigned at the start of the match, all with a unique goal.

This game has a decent player base and is a chaotically fun experience even if you do not wish to master the gameplay. We Went Back takes place in a futuristic space station. We Went Back invokes feelings of isolation and loneliness. The game is very slow-paced and it focuses a lot on the atmospheric appeal. This game has a time loop mechanic that makes it unique compared to other horror games, it combines well with the overall isolated aesthetic and makes you feel completely lost in time and space.

The static speaks my name is a game in which you are just thrown into the story without the game telling you much. When you wake up, you are tasked with doing some mundane tasks like going to the bathroom and having breakfast. The game takes 10 minutes to beat, but in those 10 minutes, the ominous atmosphere becomes really apparent.

The story is quite dark and grim, but I found it interesting and certainly worth a play. Cry Of Fear is an action-driven survival horror game with a psychological storyline. You play as a young man in a deserted town filled with many horrific monstrosities, as he slowly descends into madness. Cry Of Fear started out as a Half-Life mod. It was made by a small indie team which is surprising with how detailed and well thought out it is.

The game has many different enemy types and a huge number of different guns. Not only does it have over 8 hours of gameplay, but it also has a co-op mode and modding support.

Doki Doki is an anime-style visual novel. This may be a turn-off to many players, however, this game is a very unique cryptic experience that has been stuck in my memory since the first time I played it.

And at first, the rooms are simple, sometimes there are cardboard cutouts that stick out from the wall to jumpscare you. But as the game progresses, the cuteness also starts to fade. More enemies are introduced and the save points are fewer and farther in between. Deceit is a first-person social deduction game in a horror setting. All the story tells you is that you wake up in an unknown place with 5 unknown people around you.

The gamemaster tells you that a third of you are infected and can therefore transform into monsters. This game draws inspiration from classic psychological horror games like Amnesia and Penumbra. The goal is to escape the underground prison complex that is filled with creepy human experiments. You must avoid these monsters by hiding or running since the main character does not have the ability to fight back. This is not a full game but rather only the first chapter, but the second chapter is already in production.

This game was made by a year-old which is just insane to think about since the game is so good and detailed. The level design is creepy and claustrophobic, and the monsters are well designed. Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 28 Jan am. BY: David Markovic. More on this topic: best horror games free games. As a young lad from Serbia, David chose to sustain his sanity and nutritional needs by playing games and reading books.

He wishes to share his experiences by writing about his favorite games. Gamer Since: Cry Of Fear Nice wallpaper. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. I always wondered why people never use their special attack first Who doesn’t like free things? We all need a break at some point during our weeks.

It could be a break from the daily work grind or a busy weekend. If we have no one to Netflix and chill with, we often turn to games. But what if we want to try something new? Well, you should try a free game out Looking for a good creepy PC Game? PC Games today give a wide range of different experiences. Whether you are looking for a game that pits you head to head against demonic forces or gives you the task that forces you to travel far and wide in order to save a kingdom, you will always find a game Friday the 13th Gameplay Explained.

Uh oh! The counselors have split up and are searching cabins? Have no fear, for Jason is near and hellbent on getting revenge for his Horror is a genre built on its atmosphere, aesthetics, and, of course, the monstrous beings that Four years ago, horror fans and Friday the 13th fans worldwide experienced a collective sensation of sheer excitement as Gun Media released Friday the 13th: The Game.

The 17 Best Horror Games in the World. Horror games are popular across the globe. Get scared. Be masochistic. Or share the love and sadism by inflicting the pleasure on your friends. Playing horror games is a global phenomenon, with these 17 Best Horror Games in the World. Friday the 13th Crossplay Explained. Since its intriguing debut in , Friday The 13th: The Game has been recognized as a staple in the horror gaming genre.

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